Hard Hat Bookkeeper

Innovative technology is about breaking the rules, doing things differently but above all making it easier for YOU...

and that's why Hard Hat Bookkeeper is unique.

If you're an Individual, Sole-Trader or Contractor in Australia that needs to record your work related income and expenses and you're struggling because of:

* lost and faded receipts,

* you don't work from an office,

* you hate paper filing,

* no bookkeeping training,

* short on time.

It's time to try something different.

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Here's how easy it is...

  1. You photograph a receipt, enter and submit it from your phone...BAS done, Tax ready.
  2. The website organises, calculates, produces reports and it's all stored in the cloud.

That simple....includes

  • Paperless document storage
  • Preset Australian GST codes
  • BAS Reports automatically
  • Unlimited usage and storage
  • Income & Expenses reports
  • No fixed contracts, pay as you go
 Hard Hat Bookkeeper Incite iAwards National Finalist
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Hard Hat Bookkeeper